Or, more accurately, our partners in innovation represent the most progressive thinking brands and agencies in digital fashion. Our exclusive focus on the unique digital requirements of fashion allows Sellect to establish and maintain enduring partnerships with many of the words most coveted labels and their agency partners.

These highly collaborative partnerships serve to define the ongoing Sellect platform roadmap and proactively address the tools necessary to compete in an ever evolving digital engagement landscape.

001 client hero

Elie Tahari 01 elietahari logo

A Fully Integrated Digital World

01 et responsive

Elie Tahari required a solution from the ground-up that would improve both the global customer experience and the internal workflow of the eCommerce business. Our objectives were to increase conversions and provide customers with a personalized, engaging shopping experience.

The new fully responsive website is powered by Sellect. Sellect provides the Elie Tahari brand with the support, flexibility, and technological innovation that is required to successfully manage their global eCommerce business in a self-sufficient manner. The site’s fully integrated technology provides a seamless experience for international audiences - geolocation anticipates customer location based on IP address to display relevant currency, stock and shipping information, ensuring that customers enjoy a personalized shopping experience regardless of their location.

Powered by Sellect’s social aggregator module, The World of Elie Tahari houses the brand’s storied history, as well as digital magazine and user-generated social content, all seamlessly linked to Shop.

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Luciano Barbera 011 lb

Made in Italy, Powered by Sellect

011 lb responsive

Many eCommerce platforms restrict the front end site experience, and cause back end inefficiencies. Sellect’s user-friendly back end and limitless front end made it the right fit for the brand. With the partnership of the Sellect eCommerce team to handle all back end optimizations, updates, and security, the Luciano Barbera team can focus on customers and product.

Customers can shop the site by product category or by collection. This shoppable collection lookbook feature was created by Sellect for the unique needs of fashion brands. Another unique platform feature, Sellect Social, allows the brand team to aggregate, curate, and publish Instagram content to the website, strengthening brand messaging with a regular influx of fresh content. Social content is mixed with brand stories about styling, new product launches, and press. The Heritage section provides a narrative for site visitors to learn about the brand’s Italian origins and the fine level of craftsmanship that is devoted to each garment.

The Luciano Barbera digital flagship characterizes fine dressing - confident yet quiet, informed by intelligence and good taste.

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Yael Sonia 04 yaelsonia

Playful, Engaging, Sophisticated

04 ys responsive

Sellect helped Yael Sonia launch her luxury jewelry business on eCommerce for the first time. eCommerce features include shop by collection, category and a comprehensive gifting section. The flexible front end results in a site that marries fun with fancy, clever design with intelligent build, and sets the stage for future expansion.

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Zanella 010 zanella

The Right Fit for A Growing Business

010 zanella responsive

Selling premium mens pants online is no easy feat. As part of our digital strategy, we explored ways to communicate fit and form online, keeping in mind that the core customer demographic wants a straightforward shopping experience. With this in mind, a detailed size guide on every product page is complemented with an area of the site devoted to The Fit, featuring videos of each pant style with design features highlighted.

As the top selling mens pant in many premium department stores, Zanella already has a loyal customer base. We provided them with a shopping experience designed for simplicity. We created a visual drop-down so that shoppers could see the fit of a pant before even clicking into the product landing page.

There are many platforms out there, but Zanella chose to launch eCommerce with Sellect because they recognized the platform would provide them with the team and tools they need to manage their online business.

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Judith & Charles 06 jc

The Beauty of Simplicity

06 jc responsive

Judith & Charles is a Canadian-based womens fashion brand that has been growing in scale and required an eCommerce solution that could keep up with it. is powered by the Sellect platform, which provides the brand with international reach across several currencies and languages. Sellect's front-end flexibility allows for an unhindered site design and personalized features. The site is an intimate, yet powerful, exploration of the Judith & Charles brand that drives users to shop and engage.

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Botkier 09 botkier

Featuring Social Commerce

09 botkier responsive

Reflecting the open and friendly aesthetic of this elevated accessory brand, Botkier required a digital home that would allow users to navigate swiftly between an elegant, easy to use eCommerce interface and a content area for social media and other brand stories. #Botkier aggregates user generated content and connects it to Shop, all powered by Sellect.

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Delpozo 05 delpozo

Fresh, Simple and Radiant

05 delpozo responsive

Delpozo is a luxury pret-a-couture fashion house based in Madrid. Sellect launched the brand on eCommerce, introducing the ability to shop the brand's full collections on a global scale.

The Atelier Delpozo presents the inspiration and personality of Delpozo through a mix of brand philosophy, brand history, and social content aggregated from across multiple platforms, all powered, along with the online shop, by the Sellect eCommerce platform. The site caters to Delpozo’s international audience - geolocation anticipates customer location based on IP address to display relevant currency and shipping information. The fully flexible front end enables product pages to feature video content that highlights the exceptional quality, attention to detail, and creative silhouettes of Delpozo’s creations, providing a more visceral experience for online shoppers. The user moves fluidly throughout each page, driven along a seamless path of discovery and, ultimately, to purchase.

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Monique Lhuillier 08 monique

Chic and sophisticated, bridal and beyond

08 monique responsive

With strong awareness as a designer of bridalwear, Monique Lhuillier came to Sellect to help her gain recognition as a high fashion brand. We developed the platform for a chic and sophisticated digital flagship to showcase the entire world of Monique Lhuillier, from fashion to wedding to lifestyle. Featuring a unique homepage carousel and responsive grid, the shop section provides a unique focus on the beautiful craftsmanship and detailing of the garments, some of which require hundreds of hours of handiwork. The site also features a unique and fun parallax animated lookbook allowing the user to “scroll through“ looks on a model. A blog allows Monique to gather her inspirations, drawn from her travels, the arts, culture, design, fashion and food, and “Monique’s Picks“ section showcases all the things she loves and wants to share. Sellect enables the brand to manage content and commerce, and scale with the brand as it grows.

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Ash + Ames 07 ashlogo

Beautifully Balanced

07 aa responsive

ASH + AMES is a jewelry brand with a cause - sales of their unique pieces directly benefit underprivileged women across the world. The brand founders came to Sellect looking for a way to let their customers enjoy a luxurious online shopping experience, while remaining loyal to their local ASH + AMES Brand Ambassador.

Sellect's flexible backend enabled us to launch a Multi Level Marketing approach that provides customers with the ability to assign their ASH + AMES Ambassador in checkout or to access the site by their Ambassador's unique shop web address. Powered by the Sellect platform’s sophisticated MultiLevel module, Ambassadors can review all orders assigned to their profile in the Admin, and Admin users can search orders by Ambassador, and review Ambassador orders in sales reports. The MultiLevel tool in Sellect is scalable; Admin users can easily remove Ambassadors or add new Ambassadors as they join the company. Sellect’s social feed seamlessly integrates Beautifully Balanced content within the site.

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Mary Katrantzou

Celebrating the Unconventional

03 mk responsive

London-based Mary Katrantzou didn’t want a typical cut-and-dried eCommerce site. She required a brand experience that felt like a series of rooms for discovery, with shopping, collections and content each in its own distinct, unconventional home. So Sellect's flexible front end and robust back end management was the natural solution. The shop features online exclusives, the ability to look at what customers are shopping in real-time, and beautiful detailed product photography. As her many followers know, Mary Katrantzou has a very active social media presence, and the content section of the site is resultantly rich, featuring backstage show imagery, her many collaborations in the fields of fashion and art, and lots of Mary’s own images and inspirations. Powered by the Sellect eCommerce, Content and Social platform, Mary Katrantzou’s digital presence is now as vivid and exciting as her collections.

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